KnowledgeBase: Waves Protocol

The Rhome (RHM) token is issued on the waves-protocol and will be made available to the public in stages as project unfolds. In the future of Rhome City Initiative (RCI), the Rhome (RHM) token will fuel several utilities within the allowable ecosystem of RHOME SOLUTIONS LTD.

The Waves Protocol (also know as WavesPlatform) is a blockchain that seeks to fix a major problem in cryptocurrency. The platform is designed to make it easier for organizations and individuals to create custom tokens. It also decentralizes token trading and crowdfunding with a built-in fiat currency gateway. Essentially it’s a token platform, DEX, and dApp ecosystem.

A user who wishes to create waves wallet, can do so by watching the video Get started video below. The wallet is available on either Online Client, or Standalone version for Windows, Mac or Linux. All versions support automatic update! Choose and open up your Waves wallet. While creating a wallet, please take some time to understand some important things for your own safety.

The WAVESPLATFORM or RHOME SOLUTIONS team cannot recover your funds or freeze your account if you visit a phishing site or lose your backup phrase (aka SEED phrase). Hence we advice that while creating a wallet, you must write down your seed and keep it very safe. The introductory video covers the following:

  • RHOME ($RHM) shall suffice for renting of home properties such as student hostels and home-apartments within RHOME HOSTELS and HOUSING COMPLEXES.
  • RHOME ($RHM) shall suffice for payments of farm produce within the RHOME FARMS AND FOOD STORES.
  • A RHOME ($RHM) shall represent a square meter (1m²) worth as it’s shall be backed by land within the RCI jurisdiction.
  • RHOME ($RHM) token shall be a fee sponsored asset on waves-protocols with a minimum backing of 20 WAVES/YR to cover about 20,000 transactions at 0.05 RHM on the protocol and RHOME WALLET.
  • The RHOME (Mobile) Wallet shall serve users as a store of value for verified assets, atomic swaps, staking features etc.