The RCI is the brainchild of RHOME SOLUTIONS LTD. The organization was formed by a group of community members from CRYTO TRADE WORLD (CTW) WHATSAPP GROUP IN NIGERIA. This community has been created since 29th of July, 2015 by SAMSON IMOUDU.

Originally, the group only serves for peer to peer trading of crypto-currency among members and investment advice/discussions. Over the years there has been a bond of brotherliness, transparency and trust that has existed among the group members of crypto traders from around the nation of Nigeria. The group has evolved from just a whatsApp group to becoming an association, which is purported to achieve a common goal.

A long time community member since 2017 JOSHUA ERHIGA E., by name, had proposed for the community to become a more robust body (i.e it should be an organization) by developing a tokenized, community based, and utility project with the goal of wealth and value creation. This gave birth to ROME SOLUTIONS LIMITED. The organization has been duely registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) in Nigeria. Also, all verifiable member of the CTW are absorbed as foundation members and forerunner of the RCI project.


Meet our Development Team. All team members are core member of Rhome foundation


Rhome Foundation is made up of individuals from all works of life, career professionals and crypto enthusiast. Over 20 members in the foundation and a few of them are mentioned here.